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Steve Agnew: "Your reasoning and logic are impeccable. What you are saying is what I..." in A Physicist and a Science...

Georgina Parry: "Anonymous replied on Nov. 24, 2014 @ 00:07 GMT, that was me Georgina" in A Physicist and a Science...

Georgina Parry: "John, thanks for your reply. Image reality is a description I have been..." in Wave function collapse...

Steve Agnew: "This is an interesting conflagration of ideas, so I finally broke down and..." in Real-Time Physics

Steve Agnew: "Yes, you are making progress... "Here's a lesson in common sense, or..." in Wave function collapse...

Steve Agnew: "I always like it when someone pulls the "lots of other smart people believe..." in Alternative Models of...

Steve Agnew: "You have thought all of these conundrums through much better than I have...." in Real-Time Physics

John Prytz: "GAMMA-RAY SETI Gamma-ray bursts are cosmic phenomena. As far as..." in The Fermi Paradox

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Spot the Difference to Reveal Exotic Particles
Questioning the symmetrization postulate of quantum mechanics and the notion that electrons are indistinguishable could reveal whether hypothetical new particles exist.

Life's Quantum Crystal Ball
Does the ability to predict the future—perhaps with quantum help—define the fundamental difference between living and inanimate matter?

The Quantum Truth Seeker
Watching particles fly through an interferometer might help to unveil higher-order weirdness behind quantum theory.

Quantifying Occam
Is the simplest answer always the best? Connecting Medieval monks to computational complexity, using the branch of mathematics known as category theory.

Heart of Darkness
An intrepid physicist attempts to climb into the core of black hole.

November 24, 2014

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