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Anonymous: on 11/8/13 at 23:49pm UTC, wrote Baggott[Farewell to Reality: How Fairy-Tale Physics Has Betrayed The Search...

Amrit Sorli: on 10/29/12 at 19:09pm UTC, wrote Shapiro delay might originate from diminished energy density of quantum...

Jason Wolfe: on 7/12/12 at 1:45am UTC, wrote Hi Joanna, Quoting your article: "Scarily, the work may also force us to...

Wilhelmus Wilde: on 5/16/12 at 16:54pm UTC, wrote Hi Steve. In our observation the universe is a sphere, so is everything...

J.C.N. Smith: on 5/5/12 at 1:48am UTC, wrote Mr. Lipp, I appreciate your honesty. You at least do not pretend to be...

Douglas W Lipp: on 5/5/12 at 0:53am UTC, wrote Dr. Smith, Respectfully, I disagree. We must rely on our beliefs, no...

J.C.N. Smith: on 5/4/12 at 15:20pm UTC, wrote Mr. Lipp, You wrote, "How many comments have I received? Zero. " Even...

Doug W Lipp: on 5/4/12 at 11:54am UTC, wrote I have sent my theory off to at least one hundred...

July 30, 2014

ARTICLE: Melting Spacetime [back to article]
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Georgina Parry wrote on Apr. 30, 2012 @ 23:25 GMT
Dear Graeme Stemp-Morlock, Joanna, all,

Joanna Karczmerek- "If one could construct a theory where the entire spacetime including the time were emergent, then you would discover that time is an illusion and have a more fundamental understanding of why it is there," .. "But that's the holy grail of the field, and I wouldn't be surprised it if takes fifty years to make any progress on it."JK.

So Joanna doesn't read anything that the FQXi community writes! I refer you and her to the recent discussions between Mr. J.C. N . Smith and myself on the thread Elegance and Enigma.It will answer the before after problem for you and much, much more.

Mr.Stemp-Morlock you said "Scarily, the work may also force us to rethink what time actually is" Why do you presume that to be scary. I have been doing just that for many years and discussing it with others on this site for many years. The community is very familiar with time being called into to question and has been considered by various people in a number of ways.It is not only PHDs with large grants that think about such questions. You should not presume concern or surprise. It seems to be catching up.

But Hooray how wonderful to hear that there is a growing movement to develop a theory where space-time is emergent. I wonder how far they want to go. Stopping with consideration of how data is distributed in the environment and calling that data pool space-time, or continuing through the processes of various types of reality interface into space-time image output. Not in the external environment but chemical or electrical output fabricated by the observer, organism, device or material. Which will ultimately mean the unification of physics theory and biology.

IMO Space-time is not in the external reality but photon data is. Anything affecting the paths taken by the photons will have the potential to affect the output reality created when those photons are received and processed. Mirages and the shimmering of the air on a hot day are common examples. The space-time image output is altered by the change to the distribution of the data in the environment, but the Source or Object reality is unaffected. There is no feedback from space-time output to Source (or Object) reality.

Thank you for that article I wish her luck, when she has decided what she is doing. As it sounds like it has the potential to be a promising avenue of research. I'll not comment on the big bang part.

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TexMurphy replied on May. 1, 2012 @ 05:15 GMT
Why can space-time not be a single event occurring in two places simultaneously?

Why can't we explain dark matter by the absence of the matter that had just previously occupied space-time?

How long does it take for an idea to spread?

If I were speaking directly to you, you would hear this at a specific space-time.

Does that mean that specific space-time exists in two space-times, because it was witnessed in two dimensions,(me and you)? But we are both three dimensional.

There must be many more dimensions than we thought.

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Steve Dufourny replied on May. 1, 2012 @ 12:03 GMT
ahahaha the extradimensions are a pure joke , return at school Murphy and buy a better book of maths.

Learn what is the 3D distribution since the BB, learn what is the evolution and the polarity between mass and light on the entropical arrow of time before pondering ironical extradimensions.

Georgina ahaha what a work they do not understand even the quaternion and the PRIME numbers ahahah and they insist furthermore. Perhaps they want grants, isn't it ?

The irony at its paroxysm above the deterministic thoughts....

and the words shall not change this simple evidence.

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Georgina Parry replied on May. 1, 2012 @ 13:02 GMT
Dear Steve,

you sound happier.3 laughs in one post! Yes a grant would be very nice but very unlikely I expect. Its not just a thing of mathematical beauty that may or may not be realistic but something with the power to unify and answer questions. Not just one but many. Which can incorporate different kinds of mathematics because it is different parts, with different forms, functioning differently, and best described differently. Though they might all be unified under one mathematical formalism.

Dear TexMurphy,

I did reply but its accidentally in the wrong place, separate from this.

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Georgina Parry wrote on May. 1, 2012 @ 12:45 GMT
Hi TexMurphy,

Source event, an interaction of material objects (separate from observer)----photon data transmission ----output event observed, (interaction of data with sensory system giving brain activity experienced as (output) image observed.) This is two different events not the same event occurring in two different places. The observer only sees a fabrication of the former event from the data received. This can not be occurring simultaneously because of the speed of light at which the data transmission occurs.

Re dark matter, it is supposed to have extra mass to account for galaxies holding together. An absence will not have any mass.

You ask "How long does it take for an idea to spread?" How long is a piece of string? It depends. If no one talks about it it may as well be a secret. Is it accessible to people who might tell others? Is it understood sufficiently to talk about it with others? Who thinks it is interesting or cares enough to tell someone else about it? Who thinks someone else might actually be interested or amused by it? Who thinks they won't be made to look stupid or be judged if they mention it? Is it reaching a target audience who could be interested in it? Celebrity or unknown originator? Media interest?......

Yes it exists in two space times the space-time fabricated by the speaker and the space-time fabricated by the listener. Which are different because they are in different positions obtaining different input from the environment. Which would be more obvious if facing each other rather than next to each other.

you said -"There must be many more dimensions than we thought". It depends upon what you are thinking about.

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J.C.N. Smith wrote on May. 1, 2012 @ 12:50 GMT

Given the topic of this article, I would be seriously remiss were I not to put in a plug for my recent essay, 'Toward a Helpful Paradigm for the Nature of Time,' which will be found here.

As Georgina Parry noted in an earlier post, there is an informal group of FQXi bloggers whom I fondly think of and refer to as the FQXi 'time mafia,' to which I confess being an occasional collaborator and fellow traveler. It might not be too far fetched to say that we are, to varying degrees, more or less obsessed with the quest for what David Deutsch would call a "good explanation" for the nature of time. Our comments on the topic are spread out over numerous FQXi blogs, and thus not easily accessible in total. Many, but certainly not all, of our comments will be found under the various essays which were submitted as part of the FQXi essay competition on the nature of time in 2008.

I am optimistic that slow progress actually is being made toward some sort of agreement or consensus among at least some who thing about these things. I am further encouraged by well-founded rumors that highly regarded authorities on the topic such as Lee Smolin are even now nearing completion of new books on the topic. As I suggest in my latest essay, this topic need not forever remain an impenetrable mystery. It would be exciting to see it well resolved during our lifetimes.



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Lawrence B. Crowell wrote on May. 1, 2012 @ 19:36 GMT
The D-brane in n dimensions fixes the endpoints of strings in Dirichlet boundary conditions. If we let σ be the parameterization of an open string, the Dirichlet boundar condition is for the string X(σ = 0) = X(σ = 2π) = 0. Here the string length is parameterized for σ \in [0, 2π]. This turns out to be dual to the Neumann boundary condition, where the momentum is...

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Douglas W Lipp wrote on May. 2, 2012 @ 01:34 GMT
Does anyone understand CIGTheory?

Its claims are preposterous and I am wondering if it is explained simply enough, too simply, incomprehensible, too complex, or something else altogether?

Dr. Joanna Karczmerek may wish to consider CIG's offerings when writing her paper. Why not? It can't hurt. CIG Theory can always be discarded. We can always throw out CIG Theory, but we should at least make an attempt at its understanding. Is that too irrationale? I personally have stopped thinking these days. I QUIT! No movement, no time. Try please

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Doug W Lipp wrote on May. 4, 2012 @ 11:54 GMT

I have sent my theory off to at least one hundred reknown physicists, and some not so reknown, dozens of Publishers and Journals, Newspapers, Ripley's Believe it or Not!, and the Royal Society. How many comments have I received? Zero.

Does this mean my theory is right or wrong?

The theory explains where Space comes from, it explains Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Red Shift anomalies, Wave Paticle Duality, much more. Is this the way the community works?

Thanks A Lot Guys/Girls,

Mr. Doug

PS: My deepest apologies for venting on Dr. Joanna's article site. She's the best.

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J.C.N. Smith replied on May. 4, 2012 @ 15:20 GMT
Mr. Lipp,

You wrote, "How many comments have I received? Zero. "

Even that is no longer true about your theory; you are now receiving a comment.

We here in the FQXi community generally attempt to treat one another with a basic level of respect, and we try to give one another the benefit of the doubt regarding motives and intentions, until proven otherwise. With this in mind, I went to your website and looked at your theory. Your Postulate II is: "1) If you believe it, it is true. 2) I believe it!"

You have thereby immediately lost all credibility with me, and I suspect with virtually anyone who would extend to you the respect and the benefit of the doubt which is customary here and who would begin to read what you have written. If I believe that the moon is made of green cheese, that is not true. Sorry.

You obviously have devoted a great deal of effort to creating your website. Why would you do so, and then lead off with statements such as the one quoted above which are virtually guaranteed to alienate potential serious readers? You appear to be intent on wasting not only your own time, but the time of others as well. I can't help wondering why anyone would do so. Is this your labor-intensive way of trying to "punk" the scientific "establishment," or what? Just curious.


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Douglas W Lipp wrote on May. 5, 2012 @ 00:53 GMT
Dr. Smith,

Respectfully, I disagree. We must rely on our beliefs, no matter how strange or bizzare, for only then can we build and trust, no matter how little, our fragile reality. Do you believe that you are existing in the Milky Way, spiraling through Space? How strange. If you believe that the moon is made of green cheese so be it. There are zillions of realities out there. It is what makes the multiverse possible. And it is only the majority that decides what is the correct view, though it would be a most interesting Many World's Universe where the minority decides reality.

Besides, if you can't get past a little humor to read a thoroughly groundbreaking theory, that is your degree of freedom. I am still waiting for the community to respond to CIGTheory. But, many thanks for at least openng the website! More than I've gotten from anyone else!

To satisfy your immediate curiosity, "Please Keep Reading" - at least try the Fourth Law of Motion - many years of effort. Or maybe the explanation of the reality behind the wave-particle duality Double Slit experiment. Or maybe the solution to Dark Matter. Or Red Shift Anomalies. Or Dark Energy. Or the Horizon Problem. Fact is, one theory, one view, satisfies each of the above problems simultaneously (the 4th Law is independent of the others).

Hopefully, you will finish the theory and reply with great thought and after deep contemplation.

Do you have any better ideas where and how Space manifests itself?

Does any other theory combine the fundamentals? Or describe Black Holes and Space in one equation, and as manifestations of one another?

And yet, there are so many things I don't want to believe in, like sickness and poverty, and that become part of my reality despite my tryng not to believe, that I do not feel I have any control over my beliefs whatsoever, for if I did, I would never believe in many of the things I see and hear.

Please finish reading the theory, and then after you understand it, if you can understand it, if it is understandable, feel free to scientifically disprove it. It is welcome. It is what I want. I have written my discoveries as simply as I can, and with my limited knowledge in the field. Open your mind.

thank you


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J.C.N. Smith replied on May. 5, 2012 @ 01:48 GMT
Mr. Lipp,

I appreciate your honesty. You at least do not pretend to be anything other than what and who you are. That in itself is refreshing. That not withstanding, no, I'm afraid that I couldn't get past a little humor to read your groundbreaking theory. Sorry. Humor, in general, is a good thing, but science is not about humor. Science is about good explanations. If you have a good explanation, don't hide it behind humor, or behind anything. We all have only a limited amount of time to spend trying to figure out how the universe works. We need to focus much of that time on thinking about the work of people who have serious ideas to share with us.

Please read some good books such as David Deutsch's recent book, 'The Beginning of Infinity.' You don't need to be a science or math whiz to enjoy reading it. Then think about your theory, and then re-write it to make it come across from the get-go as something more than mere humor. We need all the really good explanations we can get. If you have a good explanation, put it out there, in serious language. Trying to figure out how the universe works is hard work. None of us can do it alone. Fortunately, others have helped pave the way for us. Take a good look at what they've already done. And good luck to you.


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Jason Wolfe wrote on Jul. 12, 2012 @ 01:45 GMT
Hi Joanna,

Quoting your article: "Scarily, the work may also force us to rethink what time actually is: "If one could construct a theory where the entire spacetime including the time were emergent, then you would discover that time is an illusion and have a more fundamental understanding of why it is there," says Karczmarek. "But that’s the holy grail of the field, and I wouldn’t be surprised it if takes fifty years to make any progress on it.""

I hope you won't mind if I share my aether theory with you. I think it will explain everything including time. If the aether is made out of waves, then everything makes sense. I call them aether medium waves.

I got the idea from atomic clocks. There is an atomic clock that uses Caesium-133 which emits 9,192,631,770 cycles per second. The most accurate clocks in the world are atomic clocks, and they use EM frequency.

Nature makes available to us an electromagnetic frequency spectrum with radio waves at the low end, and gamma rays at the high end. Nature gives us a frequency range that spans more than 24 orders of magnitude.

I believe that the fundamental properties of the vacuum are: aether medium waves that span an unknown frequency range (a lot more than 24 orders of magnitude). AM waves are 3D and they move at the speed of light relative to their own existence.

What do you call 9.1GHz? Answer: a very accurate clock.

What do you call an EM frequency that spans more than 24 orders of magnitude? Answer: time itself.

If we make AM waves, which behave like electromagnetic frequencies, the foundation of the vacuum, then quantum mechanics and QCD fall into our laps.

How does nature define the existence of distance? Care to make a guess?

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Amrit Srecko Sorli wrote on Oct. 29, 2012 @ 19:09 GMT
Shapiro delay might originate from diminished energy density of quantum vacuum.

attachments: Density_factor_of_quantum_vacuum_and_Shapiro_delay.pdf

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Anonymous wrote on Nov. 8, 2013 @ 23:49 GMT
Baggott[Farewell to Reality: How Fairy-Tale Physics Has Betrayed The Search For Scientific Truth] and even more spot-on Unzicker-Jones[Bankrupting Physics: How Top Scientists Are Gambling Away Their Credibility] critiques shame physics’ shameless rock-star media-hype P.R. spin-doctoring veracity-abandoning touting sci-fi “show-biz” trending viral exacerbated by online social networks...

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