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2020 Consciousness in the Physical World

2019 Intelligence in the Physical World

2019 Information as Fuel

2018 Agency in the Physical World

2016 Physics of the Observer

2015 The Physics of What Happens

2013 Physics of Information

2010 The Nature of Time

2008 Foundational Questions in Physics and Cosmology

2006 Foundational Questions in Physics and Cosmology

2010 The Nature of Time

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Awardee   Institution Value   Project Title
Joanna Karczmarek University of British Columbia $40,000 The nature of time, emergent spacetimes and nonabelian physics
Ted Jacobson University of Maryland $43,029 Growth of the vacuum in quantum cosmology
Lee Smolin Perimeter Institute $47,500 Physical and cosmological consequences of the hypotheses of the reality of time
Joseph Polchinski University of California, Santa Barbara $54,329 Gauge/Gravity Duality and the Emergence of Time and Space
Wayne C. Myrvold The University of Western Ontario $56,650 Quantum State Evolution, Ontology, and Relativity
Steven Giddings / Donald Marolf University of California, Santa Barbara $60,862 Locality and the emergence of space and time
Gerard James Milburn The University of Queensland $64,250 Deriving spacetime as a relational consequence of thermodynamics
John Barrow University of Cambridge $71,158 Science Fiction, Science Fact: On the Frontiers of Physics
Andrew Strominger Harvard University $73,000 The Nature of Time in Asymptotically de Sitter Universes
Paula Apsell WGBH Educational Foundation $74,327 "The Nature of Reality" Physics Column on NOVA
Ken Olum Tufts University $88,252 Does general relativity permit time travel?
John Donoghue University of Massachusetts Amherst $89,610 Time and Emergent Symmetry
Gregor Weihs / Caslav Brukner University of Innsbruck / University of Vienna $95,520 Higher-order Interferences and Time in Alternatives to Quantum Theory
Raphael Bousso University of California, Berkeley $101,872 The Future of the Multiverse
Edward Anderson Universite Paris 7 - Denis Diderot $102,000 The Problem of Time in Quantum Gravity
Craig Callender University of California, San Diego $102,263 What Makes Time Special
David Anthony Lowe Brown University $102,975 Holographic approaches to gravity and the arrow of time
Stefano Pironio / Jonathan Barrett Universite Libre de Bruxelles / Royal Holloway, University of London $110,397 Time and the Structure of Quantum Theory
David Rideout UCSD $110,400 Time in Quantum Causal Set Histories
Bob Coecke Oxford University $111,609 A relativistic universe of interacting quantum processes
Hiranya V. Peiris University College London $112,331 Detecting signatures of eternal inflation using WMAP and Planck data
Julian Barbour Oxford University $123,280 The Nature of Time and the Structure of Space
Hendrik Ulbricht University of Southampton $140,490 Testing quantum theory by de Broglie interference of polystyrene spheres and viruses
TOTAL   $1,976,104

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